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Korg AW-OTB Clip-On Bass Tuner w/ OLED Dipslay
Cutting-edge OLED display technology provides an unprecedented degree of visibility. The gu..
Korg CA-2 Chromatic Tuner
A needle-style meter with large high-visibility note name and string name A compact body th..
Korg KO-OT120 Chromatic Orchestral Tuner
Tune wind and string instruments in a flash with the new OT-120,  a needle-type meter wi..
Korg Pitchblack Custom Tuner Pedal
Part of KORG’s “Custom Shop” series, a mark of ultimate quality 3D visual meter creates a revol..
Korg Pitchclip 2 Clip On Tuner
Scale 12-note equal temperament Detection Range (sine wave) AO (27.5Hz) – C8 (4186Hz)..
Korg Pitchclip Coloured Clip On Tuner
About Korg PC-1-CP       The Korg PC1CP Chromatic Clip-On Guitar/Bass T..
Korg SH-PRO Sledgehammer Pro Clip On Tuner
Scale: 12 note equal temperament Tuning Range:  A0 (27.50 Hz)–C8 (4186 Hz)..
Korg TM-60 Digital Tuner/Metronome
Equipped with high-precision tuner function and metronome function. The two functions can be ..
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